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Do I detect a bit of sarcasm?

August 21st, 2007 at 06:27 am

Funny MSN Money article... Why save? 6 ways to waste money now!

4 Responses to “Do I detect a bit of sarcasm?”

  1. fern Says:

    I think they made a really good point that spending unwisely doesn't just mean extravagant purchases. It also includes over-spending at a warehouse store like Costco, where the perception that you're 'saving money' means you'll end up sp ending more anyway.

  2. Aleta Says:

    It's so hard not to spend more than what you decide to spend when you go to one of those warehouse places. I try to walk in there with tunnel vision and get what I came for. Occassionally, I will come across something that I would consider a good buy.

    I actually save more in grocery stores when they have a good sale, especially the bogo free items. I'm amazed at what spend in those clubs.

  3. devils_advocate Says:

    I agree with both of you. I think a lot of people get a warehouse club membership thinking it's automatic savings. You have to really do the calculations to make sure you're getting good deals, and you have to avoid the urge to buy things you don't really need.

    These warehouse clubs make big profits for a reason.

  4. Aleta Says:

    Not to mention what they are charging for memberships now. I do buy my tires there and I think that alone pays for the membership. It includes the rotation. I also buy their gas. I'm talking about BJ's now. Most of the times, their gas is less than everyone else's but not always low enough to justify the drive there just for gas. I do try to do my errands in a direction that BJ's on my way. We just really don't shop there that much.

    They do have good prices on greeting cards, wrapping paper, and such.

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